This is a page run by a country music fan living in the UK, hoping to promote the up and coming UK/ American artists who will be doing gigs here within the UK and also bringing Nashville artists to your attention who look to touring the UK 🙂

Twitter & Instagram: BringCountry2UK

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  1. Hey Guys,

    I’ve just found you on Twitter and love what you’re doing to promote country music in the UK! We are about to launch a brand-new country album with Tracey Shield on 8th June in Coventry. I wondered if you’d like to come to the launch and whether you’d be interested in interviewing Tracey? I’m happy to send you a sneak-peek of the album if you’d like!

    Many thanks,

    GingerDog Records

    1. Hey Abbie. Sadly I am aware on the 8th Jund but I would love to sneak peek if that’s ok. And then organise can interview when I’m not whether it’s via phone or email.
      Do let me know.
      Many Thanks

      1. Hello Kellie,

        Thank you for getting back to me so quickly, that sounds great! If you drop me email with your email address, I can send you a sneak peek and we can arrange the best time for an interview, etc.

        Many thanks,

        GingerDog Records

  2. Hi, my names is Lissy Taylor, I’m a Staffordshire born Singersongwriter and returned to England the summer of 2017 after living in Lexington Kentucky for 3 years. I attended school with John Michael Montgommery’s son Walker Montgomery Gentry) so was completely immersed into the Southern US culture of country music and lifestyle. I recorded my EP at Broken Crow Studios in Lexington with support from Nashville musicians Mark Prentice and Michael Severs. Ive been on radio and TV in the US and invited back to Red Barn Radio in Kentucky for a further show this Juky. I would love it if you’d give my music a listen.

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