Today (20th August) will see Demi Michelle release her brand new single, Find Love, and I chatted to Demi to talk about the single earlier this week.

Good morning, Demi. How are you today?

Hi, I’m doing fabulous today! Thank you so much for having me.

Being new to our readers, can we please ask you to introduce yourself?

Sure! My name is Demi Michelle. I’m a pop and country songwriter from Pittsburgh, PA. I’ve always loved music from a young age, and I found my true passion for songwriting in college while I was pursuing both Music and Creative Writing degrees. I’m an extremely creative person, and I’m also currently in graduate school to receive my MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. One of my favorite parts of the music industry is connecting with and supporting others. So, I have my own podcast, Write on Track: A Songwriting Podcast. I invite guests onto the show to have genuine conversations about songwriting and the music industry. In a nutshell, I truly love what I do. 🙂

Congratulations on the release of your brand new single, Find Love. How are you feeling about it being released?

First, thank you so much! I’m so glad “Find Love” is the second single off my debut album, Dear Diary. Honestly, I’m both excited and nervous. When I released “Will I Ever,” I was definitely overwhelmed because that’s such a vulnerable song. “Find Love” is also extremely vulnerable, but in many ways, I feel stronger this time around. I feel like it’ll get easier with each release, as I continue to grow and build confidence.

“Find Love” is very special to me, so despite feeling a little scared to share it, I hope others can relate to it. I’ve learned how important it is to be authentic, and if I have to wear my heart on my sleeve to allow others to connect with my music, well, that’s exactly what I’ll continue to do.

Before we go any further, can I please ask you to explain a little about the single?

Of course. So, “Find Love” is a love song to the special someone I’ll fall in love with one day. There’s a hopeful quality to the lyrics, and in the chorus, I say, “I’m gonna wait, however long it takes, for me to find love with you.” Love is one of those things in life that can’t be forced or rushed. I’m willing to be patient until my time comes.

What made you want to write a single like find love? Was there a certain situation that inspired the lyrics?

Falling in love is something I think and dream about a lot. This song is unique to me because it’s my only hopeful love song. If you listen to “Will I Ever,” you’ll hear a sense of desperation, a feeling of confusion. After all, I keep asking, “Will I ever know how it feels to fall in love?” On the other hand, “Find Love” has a different theme.

I think what kicked off the inspiration for this song was my sister’s wedding. I remember being there and wondering if I’ll ever have my own special day. Later that summer, I started writing “Find Love.” So, the inspiration was a combination of the wedding and my feelings about falling in love.

What made you go for an acoustic feel for the song?

I love this question. I actually did a full rewrite of “Find Love” once I started to really fall in love with country music. I kept the lyrics the same as the original version for the most part, but the melody and whole vibe wasn’t connecting with me. I went for the acoustic feel because I wanted to blend my pop roots with my newfound love for country music. I couldn’t be happier with that choice. Shoutout to my fabulous guitarist, Luke Wood, for doing fantastic as always!

Demi, did you always plan on releasing Find Love as your next single from the moment you wrote the song?

No, I definitely didn’t know it’d be a single. When I wrote it, I knew I wanted to release it on my album. Making it a single definitely wasn’t part of the plan, though. Since “Will I Ever” was released in May and my album is coming later this year, I was advised to release a second single. When I heard the final mix of “Find Love,” I knew I had to make it the second single.

I love asking this question during interviews, but how long did it take you to write Find Love?

Wow, “Find Love” had one wild journey. I wrote the original version of the song on July 18, 2019. I know this because I still have the voice memo. That night, the song poured out of me. At the time, it was one of those moments where I needed to process emotions, so I turned to songwriting. To be honest, I kind of forgot about the song after that, until December 13, 2019 rolled around. I was scrolling through my phone that day and found the voice memo from back in July. I went to my piano, and that was when I wrote the bridge. Once I was deep into recording my album, I decided to do the rewrite, as I mentioned earlier. My newfound love for country music influenced the rewrite I did in February of 2020. So, this song definitely went on a journey, but I’m very proud of how it turned out!

Did you have any co-writers on the single?

Nope! I wrote “Find Love” alone. Actually, I wrote all of the songs on my album 100 percent myself.

Now, I have to ask you about the recording for Find Love. How was it?

I recorded “Find Love” on July 26, 2020. The session was both extremely fun and a roller coaster ride of emotions. This is the first song my guitarist, Luke, and I recorded together. He came on board pretty much at the last minute, and the experience was super stressful for me at first because this is such a vulnerable song. Now, Luke and I are great friends, so it’s kind of

funny to look back on this session and remember how nervous I was. Once I got over my own anxiety, it was lots of fun. The session started with Luke recording the guitar, and then, my producer, Bob, and I worked on the rest of the track. I’m very hands-on during the production process, so I had a lot of fun bringing the song to life. Recording the vocals was a little difficult for me emotionally, but in the end, it was an incredible session.

I have to say, I love the crisp country-pop infusion you have created within the journey of the song, thanks to the acoustics.

I’m so glad you love the pop-country vibe. Thank you so much for your kind words!

How would you sum up your single, Find Love, in just three words for anyone wanting to check the single out?

It’s so difficult to pick just three words to describe the song, but here I go.

Hopeful, sincere, and emotional!

Thank you so much for your time today, Demi, it’s been a pleasure to talk to you.

Of course! I loved sharing the story of “Find Love” with you. Thank you so much for having me. I truly appreciate it! 🙂

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