Today (12th November) sees U.S. Rising Country Singer/ Songwriter, Madison Wolfe release her debut single, Every Day A Different Beach.

Morning, Madison. Thank you so much for agreeing to this interview with me today, I am so excited to talk to you about debut single.

Before we go any further could I ask you to introduce yourself to our readers? Hi!! I’m Madison Wolfe and I am a country singer/songwriter from Wisconsin. I am currently graduating from Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee and I am so excited about this new single! It is such a window into my soul and I can’t wait to share it!

How are you feeling about the release of your debut single, Every Day A Different Beach today? I am way too excited about it haha!! I cannot wait to share it with the world because it is so personal and special to me.

Madison, could I please ask you tell us a little more about your debut single, Every Day A Different Beach? Yeah! So for me, it is about overcoming your worst moments or days because they are just a
moment or just a day. Those bad moments don’t define you.

As I was listening to your song, I was wondering was there a certain situation which inspired the writing of Every Day A Different Beach because to me it feels like there could be? So this song came to life in a fun way! My family goes to a beach in Florida every summer and it is my favorite time of the year. It was the summer of 2019 and I remember I wanted to take a paddle board out that afternoon because the water was perfectly still, but they were all rented out (which was for the best as I am no good at paddle boarding, haha!). The next morning, I came down to the beach and the ocean was angry! The waves were crashing to the shore one
after another (okay it wasn’t that bad but I have no balance). I looked at my mom and I said “geez mom every day the beach is so different! It’s crazy how fast it changes!” And the song was born!!

However, I grasped it as a coming of age song – whether it’s right or wrong it’s brilliant!

Which leads on very nicely will my next questions for you, I am very intrigued to know but how look did it take you to write Every Day A Different Beach? I brought this song to one of my co-writers, Sarah Killian, and she was totally the right person to write this song with because she brought such a grounding tone to the song which is so unique to this song!

Madison, did you always plan to release Every Day A Different Beach as your debut single from the very first moment you wrote the song? The second I played it for my friends and family I had a feeling that I would release it, as it is so special to me!

Now, I have to ask you, Madison, how was the recording for Every Day A Different Beach? It was so fun! I took the song to my producer Ryan Rossebo at Studio Red here in Nashville and he had total creative control for the sound of this song and he totally killed it! He’s got this amazing couple who does all of my background vocals and they are so incredible.

Now comes a tough question how would you sum up Every Day A Different Beach in just 3 words for anyone wanting to check it out? I would have to say self-loving, vibey, and real.

Thank you so much for your time today, Madison. I am so very grateful!
Good luck on your debut single.

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