Tomorrow (12th November) will see U.S. Rising Country Singer/ Songwriter, Madison Wolfe release her debut single, Every Day A Different Beach.

Every Day A Different Beach starts with a super sweet and soft instrumental that had me feeling a little summery even though its Autumn, but I am grateful as it is freezing as I am writing this.
The first verse sees Madison’s softer vocals at the forefront of the song which happens the song up beautifully with her warm and crisp tones. The lyrics are ones that are written based on this positive message that I just adored listening too even more as the song continued. Every Day A Different Beach is one song that I can relate too a lot with many of it’s lyrics and it’s beautiful to hear.
As we get to the chorus of Every Day A Different Beach it could a little upbeat which happened to change the whole dynamic of the song that I loved as it changed the whole song. I love how the summery vibes of the song that had me smiling many times. Love the sentimental feelings!
The second verse of Every Day A Different Beach continues beautifully with the message of the changing and it’s like, it’s about a song about growing up and how everything changes in our lives which is so wonderful to listen too whether this is actually the meaning I am not quite sure but it’s mine!
The final verse of Every Day A Different Beach starts with a bridge featuring one of the most beautiful lines going into the final verse which is one that brings the song together wonderfully making me a little emotional. I adore how Every Day A Different Beach ends with the chorus as it ties the song together so beautifully.

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