Interview with @FifthFloorMusic

Us: Hello Fifth Floor. Thank you for agreeing to do an interview with us, we greatly appreciate your time.

Fifth Floor are a duo singer singer/ songwriter made up of 2 girls called Moa and Matilda and we thought we would be bring them to your attention.

Now we are going to ask Fifth Fllor a few questions…

Us: Firstly, could we ask you do introduce yourselves?

Fifth Floor: Hi we’re Moa and Matilda and we make up Fifth Floor. We’re a country/pop/rock duo currently residing in London but are originally from Sweden.

Now here is a few questions about your music, we would like to ask you;

How old were you were you decided to start writing your own songs? And when did you write and perform your first song?

Moa: I first started writing songs when I played in my first band at age 14, a poprock band I had together with a few classmates. I played guitar and a lot of the writing took place during our rehearsals as we ended up writing all our material together. Our first performance that I remember was in an old barn-tuned-music-venue where we played right after a Black Metal band who had literally poured real pigs blood all over their clothes… It’s safe to say it’s a gig I’ll always remember!

Matilda: I wrote my first song when I was 11 and it was for an application to be on Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It didn’t make the cut, but it made me want to write more and I’ve kept it going ever since. My first ever performance of a song I’d written came years later. I was in a pop/rock band when I was 15 and we performed a song called ‘Newsflash’ in school assembly once. It had a really long drum solo in the middle for some reason and everyone else in the band just kind of stepped to the side and looked really awkward.
How long (on average) does it take you to write a song?

This really varies. Generally if we’re in a room together working on a song, we will finish it in a night. A lot of the time one of us comes up with an idea individually and we’ll work on it separately before we come together and finish it. Several of our songs have actually been written via Facebook Messenger, as we keep sending each other ideas and parts for the other to finish. Thanks Facebook!

Us: Where did you first perform any of yours songs and how old were you?

Our first performance as Fifth Floor took place before we were officially a band a few years ago. Moa had a gig at Ping! in London and we performed a song we wrote together inspired by the TV-show Teen Wolf.

Us: What’s the biggest audience you have ever performed too? What’s the smallest audience you have ever performed too?

Our biggest audience was actually when we performed at our own EP launch in June earlier this year. We held it at the Battersea Barge, a boat located on the Thames river in central London and it was an amazing night shared with our friends, fans and family.

The smallest audience we’ve ever played for was when we opened up for another band who were musically quite different from us. The audience consisted of our friend Cristina and a few members of the main band.


Us: What is your favourite country song and who is your favourite country artist (can be more than one)?

Matilda: There’s too many to choose from! Carrie Underwood has been one of my biggest idols for a long time now and if I had to pick an all time favourite country song it would probably be ‘Before He Cheats’. But right now I’m obsessed with Miranda’s new album and ‘I’ve Got Wheels’ is on repeat in my head as we speak. Some other albums I’ve been listening to lately are the latest from Brothers Osborne and Charlie Worsham. Everyone in the audience got Charlie’s new unfinished album for free at his gig the other week which was super cool!

Moa: I’m quite new to the country scene as I only got introduced to it (by Matilda) a couple of years ago. We listen to a lot of similar artists but personally I have to say that Dierks Bentley is a big favourite of mine. His album ‘Riser’ was the first country album I bought for myself. Chris Stapleton is another artist who’s album blew me away once I first heard it and I really can’t pick just one song from it. But if I had to pick just one favourite country song – It has to be ‘Boondocks’ by Little Big Town. They’re simply amazing!


Us: What is the most inspirational song you have heard?

Moa: ‘Minority’ by Green Day is the song that comes to mind for me. Green Day is the band that got me into music and I first heard this song when I was 12 years old. It completely blew my mind both lyrically and musically and inspired me to just be myself – however weird that might be. It was great advice for a kid like me to hear at that time of my life and I honestly believe I wouldn’t be who I am today without that song.

Matilda: I don’t know if it’s literally the most inspirational song I’ve ever heard (there are so many out there that I just can’t seem to think of right now) but ‘Downside Of Growing Up’ by Maddie & Tae popped into my head. I think that no matter how old you get, the lyrics will make a lot of sense. We all have that moment where we have to grow up and start managing on our own and this song is just aiming to reassure you that everything’s gonna be fine.

Us: And finally, what are your plans for 2017 (I know it maybe to early to ask but…) ?
We have a lot of plans actually! We’ve just begun recording for our next EP which we’re really excited about. It’s going to be very different from the first one as we’ve grown a lot as both singers and songwriters. We’ve also just put together a full band and had our debut with them at the Hard Rock Café a couple of weeks ago. We’re looking to book in more gigs with the guys in the new year.


To keep up with what Fifth Floor is doing please don’t forget to keep an eye out on their twitter @FifthFloorMusic

To keep up with gigs, feel free to check out our website

Thank you for your time, Moa and Matilda.

Interview by Kellie @BringCountry2UK

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